What we do

Diptera manufactures insect-based animal feed ingredients. At the moment we use only larvae of Hermetia Illucens.

The larvae are raised on locally sourced vegetables and baked goods that are no longer useful for human consumption, in accordance to EU laws. Then the larvae are harvested and processed into a protein-rich meal and lipids, which are used in compound animal feed. A byproduct of this process is an excellent organic compost that can be used as fertilizer.



The problem with rearing insects on a large scale is that it is somehow a labor-intensive process, which involves some unpleasant tasks and it’s fairly costly. That’s what we’re trying to fix: we’re focusing on automation in order to get to a standardized, high-quality product with a competitive price. We’ve developed custom machinery to efficiently accomplish the specific tasks of this nascent industry.

Currently we have a pilot plant in Manfredonia, Italy. This is the test bed for our technology, which will be implemented in the upcoming full-scale plants with several tonnes per day of capacity.