Vittorio BavaVittorio Bava
Founder, administration

Long-time passionate about biology and automation, Vittorio deals with clients, partners and general administration. Before founding Diptera, he gained experience at a few other startups and has worked at Google for a couple of years.
He holds a Msc. in international management from ESADE and a Bsc. in business administration from Bocconi.


Fabio SalernoFabio Salerno
 Honorary co-founder, tech development

Fabio deals with the set up and optimization of the production process. He is an experienced system analyst and software developer, with more than 16 years of experience in tech departments at private and public companies. He’s also a circular economy enthusiast and proud father of a 5 years old kid.


Rosangela BavaRosangela Bava
Co-founder, quality control

Rosangela is the “lab dancer”, running analysis and helping out with quality control throughout the process; occasionally she also represents the company at some events.
She holds a Msc. in nutrition sciences and a Bsc. in biology from Turin University.


Stefano CappellariStefano Cappellari
Hardware developer

Stefano helps Fabio out with the development and testing of new hardware.
He holds a Bsc. in engineering and is currently completing a Msc. in electronic engineering.




Fabrizio BalestrinoFabrizio Balestrino
Medical entomologist

Fabrizio has more than 10 years of experience in insects mass production. He’s currently working at the FAO/IAEA Insect Pest Control Joint Division on a project about Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) to fight malaria. He has developed the rearing methods and technologies for mosquito mass production and is working to create efficient automated mass rearing facilities. He holds a PhD in medical entomology and a Bsc. in natural sciences from Bologna University.


Laura Gasco

Laura Gasco
Animal production professor

Laura has been working to advance knowledge in animal production for her entire career. Genuinely enthusiast about the potential of insects as feed, she has published many papers about the use of insects in feed for farmed animals (pigs, poultry and fish).
She holds a PhD in from Turin University, a graduate diploma in business  administration and a Bsc. in agronomy.

Elisa Filippi
Elisa Filippi

Besides helping out a startup focused on insect for food (with whom she has parted ways since a while), Elisa has had extensive experience managing the R&D team and coordinated funding for a European research project.
She holds an MBA from Politecnico di Milano and a Bsc./Msc. in zoonomy from Milan University.