Job opening: Feed Technologist

Position: Feed Technologist
Type of contract: full time

Diptera s.r.l. manufacturers insect-based animal feed ingredients. We breed insects on a large scale, using food by-products coming from nearby food processors as substrate. The insects are then processed and made into protein meals and lipids used in the feed industry.
The company is based in Manfredonia (FG), a charming and relaxing town at the center of the homonym gulf.

Diptera is looking for a feed/food technologist, preferably with experience in the world of animal nutrition. This role includes supervising and optimizing the transformation process of insects into animal feed ingredients, coordinating the colleagues involved in this function, participating in collaborative projects with universities, the creation and development of new processes (sometimes in collaboration with customers’ employees), healthcare authorities relationship management.
The candidate will have considerable decision-making autonomy and occasionally may represent the company at events.

A strong interest in the development of new methods of food processing is required, paired with HACCP hands-on experience. Any school or work experiences related to feasibility study, design or implementation of new food technologies would be a plus; direct/indirect experiences in the world of alternative proteins would be a very strong plus.
Essential skills: English proficiency, good command of the most common types of document editors (MS Office, Google Docs, etc…) and data analysis skills, ability to create reports that are easily understandable by personnel active in other business areas.
Preferred characteristics: previous experience in international projects, proven ability to work in teams and coordinate junior staff, comfortable speaking in public, leadership potential, organizational flexibility.

Besides monetary compensation, this role may include an equity bonus (6 months cliff, quarterly vesting), to be negotiated.


Position sponsored by the program PhD-ITalents, please apply through their website; deadline: 27/05/2016.
In case you don’t hold a PhD, please contact us anyway, we will consider the application regardless.